Will Poulter at 2022 San Diego Comic Con

[ Posted on July 25 2022 by Tanea ]

Added some photos of Will at SDCC this past Saturday to the gallery! He joined the other cast from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 along with director James Gunn to do a panel about the movie. They showed an exclusive teaser for the movie, which included a first look at Will as Adam Warlock, but it hasn’t been released online yet. Hopefully we’ll get to see it soon! You can watch the full panel below (minus the exclusive teaser).

SDCC 2022SDCC 2022SDCC 2022SDCC 2022
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 Will Poulter Teases What’s In Store In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 As He Joins The MCU

[ Posted on July 22 2022 by Tanea ]

Will stopped by This Morning to chat about Guardians of the Galaxy. Rumor is, he’ll make some kind of appearance at SDCC tonight, so look out for that!

‘Dopesick’ teaser trailer

[ Posted on August 06 2021 by Tanea ]

Watch the teaser trailer for Will’s upcoming show Dopesick, which premieres on Hulu October 13th! I’ve also added a few screen captures from the teaser trailer to the gallery.

Dopesick Teaser TrailerDopesick Teaser TrailerDopesick Teaser TrailerDopesick Teaser Trailer

‘The Underground Railroad’ full trailer

[ Posted on April 16 2021 by Tanea ]

‘The Underground Railroad’ teaser trailer + release date

[ Posted on February 25 2021 by Tanea ]

A teaser trailer for Will’s upcoming project The Underground Railroad was released this week!

Written and directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins, and based on Colton Whitehead’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, the story follows a young woman named Cora who makes an amazing discovery during her attempt to break free from slavery in the deep south. Will plays a character named Sam who, according to the book, is a station agent and ally to Cora who owns a saloon in South Carolina.

The Underground Railroad premieres Friday, May 14 on Amazon Prime. Watch the teaser trailer below!

Bainne (short film) trailer

[ Posted on September 10 2019 by Tanea ]

‘Midsommar’ full trailer

[ Posted on May 14 2019 by Tanea ]

‘Midsommar’ Teaser Trailer

[ Posted on March 05 2019 by Tanea ]

Will Poulter interview on The Russell Howard Hour

[ Posted on January 31 2019 by Tanea ]

Will Poulter Get Into Film interview

[ Posted on January 30 2019 by Tanea ]
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